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Since we are cooking our big dinner today, I would like to remind you that, kid, you can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

Sigh so it turns out my server CPU spikes are actually a RAM issue as kswapd0 frantically runs around shuffling stuff in and out of swap, and that in turn is because this little app is at any given point using up 20-30% of my RAM.

Admittedly this is because I only have 1GB of RAM, but 0.5-1GB is where pretty much all the cheap hosting starts. And CPU/disk/bandwidth is not generally a problem, just RAM (which is why I actually moved up from my original plan in the first place). So - anyone got any favorite budget hosting companies for unmanaged Linux VPSes?

Torn between 'A BookWyrm instance for webnovel fans would be cool' and the knowledge that I absolutely do not want to mod anything ever, and also would probably not be able to stop myself from being cranky about other people's bad (in my view) opinions.

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Elder Scrolls

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fedi anti-Blackness; or, my fellow instance admins, sort your fucking users out

In the replies of new Black folks on here discussing the harassment they’ve faced, and slurs they’ve had thrown at them, I’ve seen white users respond with suggestions that they should move to better moderated instances – I even saw one guy say ‘you should just move to a black instance’. The usual line they take is to (patronizingly) talk about how the protocol lets you move instances, and so you can just find an instance with policies that suit you.

IMO, this behavior is (and should be more widely seen as) anti-Black; users should be reporting it, and instance admins should be banning for it.

Firstly, it shifts the blame for the abuse solely to the recipients – ‘it’s your fault for not picking an appropriate instance!’ It also makes the commenters themselves feel all smart for knowing the ins and outs of the protocol (even when they often have no idea what they’re talking about), which is honestly just annoying as fuck.

Secondly, it sweeps the fedi’s historical + continuing anti-Blackness under the rug by making racist abuse into a technical discussion rather than a cultural one. It serves to assuage the consciences of those making such comments, because they can just point to the safeguards that are *technically* there, allowing them to forego self-reflection.

Cumulatively, the effect of these kinds of comments is to push Black users off the fedi, or onto instances that can be blocked/marginalized/attacked by white users. This is segregation, plain and simple, and it’s absolutely shameful.

SO! Fellow admins, I’m gonna be reporting such behavior + suspending accounts that do it from instances I moderate. I’m gonna encourage users to report this shit too so that I can take action. How about you?

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Matt Mullenwag, the CEO of #Tumblr and co-founder of Wordpress ( is planning on adding #ActivityPub support to Tumblr, joining the #fediverse and allowing #Mastodon accounts, as well as many others, to follow accounts on Tumblr, and vice-versa.

The fediverse is officially mainstream! The imagination we had of large mainstream platforms being able to communicate with each other, lessening walled gardens and reducing the amount of accounts (and apps) is now a reality. Little did I know what I was getting into when I signed up for Mastodon one year ago...

View the Twitter thread:

Hello new friends (and old friends, too)! I have a request - what are your favorite freezer recipes? Stuff that can be cooked in a big batch, portioned out, and then reheated (ideally in a microwave, I'm impatient). Stuff meant to go on rice or pasta is also fine. I'm a fairly adventurous eater, and have no dietary restrictions (and while I am weirdly picky about some stuff, that's sort of hard to pin down in a short post, and who knows, maybe someone else will find their new favorite recipe in one that isn't for me).

Here's one in return - Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. They're great fresh, but they also freeze and reheat super-well.

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I do really like ActivityPub as a general concept, but having it work by sending full copies of activity data for other servers to cache really makes it seem like it was written by incredibly idealistic engineers.

Like I could see the social and technological flaws in that from the get-go even if it took some nudging to realize the legal flaws.

(and I can also see the technological considerations that led to making that decision, though I don't think they outweigh the flaws that result from it, personally)

Weirdly, the Twitter implosion has served to shake me out of my personal coding rut (which I think has happened because dayjob work has been really tedious and boring the last year or so). Some of it has been on stuff, but I also started working on a Sha Po Lang fansite, and this weekend I sat down and started on a big clean-up of Dreamwidth API stuff, which has been languishing in a branch for like two years now.

Change is scary, but change can also be exciting, and I do have an advantage in that I was not deeply vested in Twitter as a platform to begin with.

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Mastodon is great and all. It feels weirdly like 1990s internet which is kind of comforting if you are my age. But I find the toots about how much a better place it is kind of naive. It’s protected by being small and keeping it a safe space is predominantly in the hands of small teams of volunteers. This may shake out well and I hope it does, but let’s not pretend that good will, good intentions and people donating their time will be all that’s needed once the user base is in the millions.

For everyone who shared my note with a like to rah's Twitter thread, she wrote up a longer, more complete version on her business-y Dreamwidth journal:

That one is probably better to boost, as it's more readable and has links and stuff, and also is less likely to vanish into the ravages of server failure.

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Problem with CSS: always having to check if I have typed CSS or CCS Problem with SCSS: somehow always typing SCSSS by mistake???

Crosslinking this thread on legal obligations for US folk running Mastodon instances for greater visibility:

Rah's been doing this shit for literal decades now and knows what she's talking about.

My 'I am afraid to touch anything at all' to 'YOLO let's shell into the prod database' timeline is perhaps shorter than it should be.

(in my defense 1) there are some systems I categorically will not touch, 2) I have not ever seriously broken anything, and 3) someone's gonna break shit occasionally, it might as well be me)

Oh, worth throwing this out there, if anyone else following me uses Duolingo and wants to be Duolingo friends, my username is momijizukamori there! I've been slooooowly working my way through Japanese.

So ~1.5 weeks into using I am finally starting to get a feel for where some of the rough edges are (and stuff that isn't rough edges but rather tweaks I want for myself). Stuff for me to look into that probably belongs in upstream:

  • fixing whatever has caused systemd to kill the service for OOM reasons twice now
  • splitting the SCSS for custom themeing up so that it's easier to do overrides
  • possibly a few more container elements to make themeing easier?
  • more options for session management ('remember me' and multiple concurrent sessions specifically)

Stuff that is Just For Me:

  • AJAXify some of the post interactions
  • auto-expand CWs

...and it could probably use better install/setup options but that will take research to do properly.

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Just realized the Guppy "groups" are … listservs. We've recreated listservs.

So a weird question, but does anyone know of a way to force YAML aliases to be interpolated to hard copies of their anchors? Ideally usable across multiple files.

(I'm trying to increase consistency/reusability in a bunch of files but I can't have the aliases be refs for complicated reasons related to how this is all handled after it's parsed)

Plan to do Serious Code Stuff, end up spending two hours reskinning my Gitea instance instead :')