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Putting this out there for whoever needs it in the future - if you are using Gear Aid Seam Grip and need something it won't stick to so you can, for instance, press the seam flat while it dries without having it stick to your pressing tool: baking parchment paper. Why? No idea! But after wax paper and polypropelene sheets both kind of failed me, I decided I'd give it a try on a small section and it was great.

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So I finally have a little bit of brain power for hacking on - I have some stuff I want to put in that I think is best done in an actual fork, as it conflicts with some of the goals of the base project.

  • better installability - at least as a pip-installable package, ideally as a standalone binary
  • as part of that, changing workers to on-demand rather than all on (which makes installation and setup easier, and I think will help with resource usage at small scale, but may not be appropriate for larger scale users)
  • AJAX for object actions (though with the full HTTP form fallbacks still there)
  • web interface for configuration and SCSS styling
  • altered auth system, probably using FastAPI-login - having to constantly sign in over and over is driving me nuts, lol
  • Some standardization around HTML display of object types (this I might submit upstream
  • Option for other markdown flavors (mostly because I hate how linebreaks work in vanilla markdown)
  • Post preview button
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